Physical and Occupational Therapy

In some cases, physical or occupational therapy is recommended by the physician. If so, therapists develop treatment plans designed to return the employee to his/her highest potential level of functioning as quickly as possible.

As a provider of work injury care, we understand that employers need to keep their employees safe and productive. When physical or occupational therapy is indicated to help get your employee back to full working capacity, Omega makes sure that physicians and therapists work closely together for best treatment outcome. Omega Medical Center has an excellent track record of quickly returning patients to full duty.

Benefits of Omega’s Physical and Occupational Therapy:

  • Vigorous return-to-work programs using specific treatment protocols and direct oversight
  • One-stop location
  • Customizable services to meet your needs
  • Overall cost reductions
  • Clear and continuous communication
  • Minimize employee injuries
  • Maximize employee productivity and safety
  • Facilitate control over the work environment

Work Hardening

This individualized treatment program prepares an employee for return to work through conditioning to improve his/her biomechanical, neuromuscular, cardiovascular and metabolic functions with real or simulated work activities.

Interdisciplinary in nature, it uses real or simulated work activities designed to restore physical, behavioral and vocational functions. Work hardening addresses the issues of productivity, safety, physical tolerances and worker behaviors.

Care Management

Omega Care Managers work with Workers’ Compensation carriers to ensure the best possible patient outcomes throughout the post-injury and recovery process. The goal is to help patients achieve the highest potential in medical recovery and functional capacity and to facilitate the fastest return to work in the most appropriate position.