Ergonomic and Job Site Assessment

Omega Medical Center therapists are experts in movement science, biomechanics, injury prevention and recovery, and ergonomic principles. While procuring ergonomic equipment may be a useful solution, in many cases simply examining how the work is being performed is more cost-effective and provides better outcomes.

Job Site Analysis

Job site analysis consists of formal evaluation and measurement of the essential functions and critical demands occurring at the workplace. We will :

  • Investigate and measure physical demands placed on employees
  • Identify specific risk factors\
  • Recommend improvements to reduce risk of injury

Injured Worker Ergonomic Evaluation

Formal ergonomic evaluation of an injured employee’s workplace to provide:

  • Strategies to prevent re-injury and to optimize healing
  • Interaction with supervisors to provide job accommodation strategies

Preventive Ergonomic Evaluation

A formal ergonomic evaluation of a workplace to prevent injuries before they occur. It includes:

  • Needs assessment to reduce the risk of injury
  • Evaluation of the department in which the employee works
  • Evaluation of how the employee performs the job

Benefits of Ergonomic and Job Site Assessment:

  • Reduced workplace hazards
  • Reduced work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs)
  • Reduced incidence of injury
  • Reduced litigation, disability, medical costs and vocational rehabilitation costs
  • Improved employee satisfaction, productivity, morale and retention