Workers' Compensation and Injury Care

Early management of ill or injured workers helps reduce costs and minimize the length of absences. All injured employees brought to Omega Medical Center are evaluated by physicians who determine the most effective treatments that will lead to the best possible outcomes for the patient.

Your organization will realize enhanced productivity as well as a healthy bottom line with the services and approach used at Omega Medical Center. Our medical staff provides efficient and appropriate injury treatment, resulting in reduced lost work time and medical expenses.

Services include

  • Coordinating services among providers
  • Ensuring employee compliance with treatment plan
  • Facilitating communication among:
    • Outside providers
    • Injured employees
    • Insurance companies
    • Employer
  • Tracking and reporting on employee progress
  • Monitoring improvement toward desired outcomes

Omega Medical Center is committed to communicating with our clients regularly about an injured worker’s status. We believe that clear and timely communication between the medical provider, employer and claims examiner is the key to helping injured workers get back to work quickly and safely.

Achieve positive outcomes with

  • Accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment
  • Rapid return-to-work initiatives
  • Aggressive case management
  • Prompt and accurate identification of non-work-related complaints
  • Timely communication with employers
  • Thorough consultations between our physicians and physical therapists
  • Expedient and cost-effective medical services